The Fugitive Kind (1959)

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Illustration by Alberto Vargas, 1942

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~If I Met Priscilla~

I was talking about this subject with my mom as well with whenpigsfly8992 the other day. I thought about it and normally I don’t know how I would act if I ever met one of my idols. 

I know exactly how I’d act if I ever met this woman, I would cry…not from sadness, but just pure happiness. I mean guys I legit screamed when I received my note and autograph from her…and then began to cry because she took the time to do so. 

I do hope so one day I will be able to say I met her…I would just die! 


Say goodbye.

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You needed this on your dashboard today…because reasons.

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Okay so here’s one of the many reasons why I love this man. The way he gets carried away in a conversation about a topic that he’s really passionate about is extremely attractive because you can see his face light up and his eyes sort of twinkle in a way that makes you physically not being able to look away. Like what Chris Evans once said, ‘I got lost in Tom’s glow.’

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Elvis Presley & Larry Domasin in the set of Fun In Acapulco, 1963.

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That laugh…

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